We are very proud of our successful Rent to Own program.



Work for Equity

What it is: This is when you get credit toward the purchase price for making repairs/changes to the house.

Why you benefit:  This will be YOUR house.  We recognize that.  Whenever possible, we let YOU make the decisions about paint color, appliances, basic upgrades, etc.

Credit Repair

What it is: You will be required to either enroll in a credit repair program or be working with a mortgage professional to enable you to buy the house.

Why you benefit: Puts you on the superhighway to home ownership! 

Rent becomes

Down Payment Assistance!


What it is: Part of you monthly rent may be applied to the down payment that you make when you purchase the house.

Why you benefit:  Why throw all that rent money down the toilet?  Shouldn't some of it be going toward getting that house as soon as possible?  We think so!

Application Criteria for success

  • Legal Resident

    • So you can close

  • Verifiable income must be 3 times the rent

    • So you can afford upkeep

  • Employed 6 months with current employer

    • Minimizes your risk of losing house to hardship

  • Have at least 2 years of credit history

    • Measures your preparedness for house-related emergencies

  • No late payments on rent, utilities etc for the past 18 months

    • Illustrates that you are ready for the responsibilities of home ownership

  • No record of past evictions

    • Illustrates that you are ready for the responsibilities of home ownership

  • References, move in date and promptness may be weighed in the decision making process.


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