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KFS Property Group believes in supporting the community.  Whether it be a homeowner who needs to sell their home or a community group that needs their help,  KFS Property Group is there. 

KFS Property Group believes in educating homeowners.   Everyone has a different need for selling their home.   Giving up a home because of divorce, death or disability is a traumatic event.   By understanding their options, homeowners are more secure with their decisions.  KFS Capital Group knows the importance of knowledge for the homeowner's future.


In addition to helping homeowners, KFS Property Group believes in going out into the community and volunteering time and personal service.   KFS Property Group is a proud sponsor of Four Paws Elkhound Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue.  Thru KFS Property Group's support, Four Paws Elkhound Rescue has been able to educate more people on the necessity of training their pets.  Pets that are well behaved tend to stay in their homes as important members of their families.   This in turn keeps them out of the shelters and saves lives.

KFS Property Group values the communities they are a part of.  Thru their support, the quality of life for each family is improved.   KFS Property envisions a brighter future for everyone.

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